Remembrance Films

Remembrance DVDsCelebrating a loved ones life

We produce memorable short films and video biographies to celebrate the life of a loved and cherished member of your family. We integrate your photographs, archive film and video footage together with poignant songs and music to create a personalised DVD which can easily be shared with friends and families.

Family biographies can also include messages and interviews with other family members, who share their own stories and feelings about your loved one.

You can choose to play the film as part of the funeral service and provide copies of the DVD to guests, friends and families to enjoy for many years to come. For long distance relatives, we can upload the film onto social media sites for people to access wherever in the world they reside.

Remembrance and Video Biography Packages

Days On Film provide a range of packages to choose from:

Remembrance Slideshow

A photo slideshow played to a favourite song.

Remembrance Video Highlights

Editing of your existing film and video archive footage and creating a memorable short film, played with a favourite song.

Remembrance Video and Slideshow

A combination of photo slideshow and video highlights on a DVD with personalised menu.

Additional Services

We provide the following services to assist in the creation of your remembrance film or video biography.

Cine Film and Video Transfers

We provide a service to transfer and digitise your cine film and video archive footage and provide you with a set of DVDs.

Filming Services

We provide a filming service that can be used to capture interviews and messages from your family members or to film the funeral service and capture it on DVD to keep and share for years to come.

DVD Duplication and Social Media Uploading

We can provide any quantity of additional DVDs and will convert and upload your film and video to social media sites, such as You Tube, so that you can share the film with friends and family members wherever they are.

For more information, to make a booking or to enquire about package prices please contact us on 01296 630250 or complete the contact form.